About Ariel Optics

Ariel Optics, Inc. was established by Frederick Koch in 1990. During the past 25 years Ariel Optics has created a reputation of being among the top optical flat manufacturers in the country. Our ability to produce ULTRA precision prisms, wedge prisms and all other optical flat components separates us from the competition.

Due to our ability to produce ULTRA high quality product; we are regularly manufacturing components for R&D, defense, aerospace, medical and commercial applications. We specialize in cost effective prototypes to mid-level production quantities. With over 35 years of optical manufacturing experience, the highest possible quality is produced.


Located near Rochester, New York, Ariel Optics is at the heart of the nation's largest optics community. Two of the largest glass blank manufacturers in the US are located within 15 miles from our factory. Being in close proximity to these facilities, we are able to procure optical substrates in less than 1 week and if required by customer deadlines, material can be on our factory floor within one day.